Saturday, February 7, 2015

How to Protect Your Sites from Hackers

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Hackers seemed to have been on rampage this days, as more sites are been hacked everyday. Security experts believe that the situation would probably be worse this year, and I think you should be on high alert. I don't mean to scare you, but that beautiful site of yours could get defaced and you may lose everything!  WordPress sites are especially vulnerable since most users do not take extra care to secure their sites. As such, hackers exploit the known security loopholes to gain access. Sadly, your hosting provider cannot do much to protect your site. This means you have to take necessary steps to secure your site now.
Here are some steps you can take to protect your site
▪ Change all your passwords to stronger ones. You may generate a strong password using sites such as www.strongpasswordgenerator.com.
▪ Upgrade all your scripts and plugins/extensions to the latest version. Also, install security plugins such as iThemes Security plugin for WordPress which would additionally harden your WordPress site.
▪ Enable second factor with your email provider to reduce the risk of your email account getting compromised. You should also enable second factor authentication for your clientarea on our site. You may click here  https://www.whogohost.com/host/aff.php?aff=605  to learn how to proceed with this.
▪ Only visit sites that you trust and download email attachments that have been scanned.
▪ Regularly scan your devices with updated antivirus applications and malware scanners
▪ Purchase SiteLock to better protect your site. Visit here https://www.whogohost.com/host/aff.php?aff=605 to learn how to get started.
If you need extra help securing your WordPress site, do send a mail to https://www.whogohost.com/host/aff.php?aff=605 and our support team would look into this request on your behalf.
Remember that prevention is always better than cure. Do not be a victim this year and secure your site today. Feel free to contact us here   https://www.whogohost.com/host/aff.php?aff=605  if you have any inquiries about our services.

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